Price: $49.50

This Forklift Certification Training is OSHA Compliant and Valid for 3 years. You need to have some experience driving a Forklift in order to complete the online training. If you don't have experience, please find a place where they can teach you to drive a Forklift (e.g Forklift Rental, Forklift Academy near you, etc)
Please review the training materials carefully. You need to complete all the steps to obtain your certification. Click the link to get started

Precio: $49.50

Por favor revise los materials de entrenamiento detalladamente. Ud necesita completar todos los pasos para obtener su certificacion. Por favor haga click abajo para comenzar el entrenamiento.

Price: $149.00

This training was created for Companies that already have a forklift training program available and require the trainer to receive additional training and certification for forklift operations and to ensure OSHA compliance requirement